Metabolic disorder diabetes should not keep you from enjoying a wide variety of food, including some of your favorites

About Diabetes

We at 6meal believe in
holistic care for our
patrons. Our menu
is designed in
conjunction with our
in-house nutritionist…

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Why 6meal

6meal is your solution
when it comes to
tackling the dietary
needs of a diabetic
patient. Our
philosophy is all…

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Our Services

Putting it simply, most
of what we eat is
broken down into
glucose. Glucose is a
form of sugar in the
blood …

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6meal Plans

Weekly Plan

6meal, Ideal Food for Diabetes, dietary needs of a diabetic patient

Trial package is to give you an idea of the quality of food we offer. Try our meal today, ready to eat.

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6meal, Ideal Food for Diabetes, dietary needs of a diabetic patient

Monthly package is designed in consultation with our in-house nutritionist.

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6meal, Ideal Food for Diabetes, dietary needs of a diabetic patient

Quarterly package includes all services, recommended for Type 2 Diabetes. Save 15% when subscribing.

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what people say about us

As a 56-year-old with Type-II Diabetes, I tend to miss out on most of the meals my kids get to enjoy. And 6meal was a great surprise in this regard. Not only were my meals fresh, delicious and tailor-made to my needs, the presentation was impeccable. The meals came packaged beautifully and the portions were just right. For someone with diabetes, 6meal makes food planning hassle-free.


Bravo 6meal! Great idea and even greater execution. Delicious 6meals delivered to your doorstep, tastefully presented and clearly written down instructions. Enjoyed the experience.
Highly recommended.


I had a very satisfying experience with 6meal. The quality of food is awesome, each and every ingredient tastes so fresh. It’s a complete wholesome meal. The portions are very good, I did not feel hungry after any meal. A special mention about the packaging, it's superb, very neat tiffin’s & bottles keeping hygiene in mind.
A big thank you to team 6meal